We help hockey operations identify premium talent and eliminate selection error with analytics that make a prospects intangibles tangible.

Improve your draft and player selection outcomes by measuring these critical success factors.

  • Vision and Awareness
  • Game Speed Processing
  • Work Ethic and Focus
  • Resilience and Recovery Speed
  • Confidence and Control
  • Compete Level
  • Accountability and Coachability
  • Dedication and Committment
  • Self-Discipline
  • Performance Under Pressure

Ensure your roster has the development aptitude to succeed over time.

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“The information provided by Satoruum has been invaluable in helping us to tailor our learning environment to the individual needs of our players. By pinpointing the individual strengths and weaknesses of each of our players Satoruum has helped our coaching staff and management to provide quality guidance to our team members. We continue to work with Satoruum to positively impact additional areas of our organization. “

— Canadian Hockey League General Manager


As a coach, I am always trying to find reliable ways to help me learn more about the goalies I am coaching, or may be coaching. I want to know more about the skills that are non-physical.  Specifically to learn about the goalie’s mental and emotional skills.  These two areas are much harder to get real valuable information by just watching.  The more I know, the more I can help.  And that goes for every level of play! I am very encouraged by the data provided by Satoruum, and we are looking at increasing our use as we go forward.”

— Mitch Korn, Goaltender Coach, Washington Capitals