Mental Game Intermediate

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Mental Game Intermediate


Want more detail and analysis on your mental game profile?  Serious about taking your game to the next level?  Our Mental Game Intermediate offering provides a deep dive into your mental game profile report and a 1 hour analysis and training session with a master’s level goalie assessment coach.
Must have completed Mental Game Basics.

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Dive deep with in-depth analysis of your TAIS profile.  Get specific about your strengths, gain actionable advice and game tools that will help you get in the zone and accelerate your development.  


  • TAIS Profile Report
  • NHL Benchmark data
  • TAIS Report Definitions
  • TAIS Comparison analysis
  • 1 hour phone or Skype personalized analysis

We will explore:

  • How you see and analyze the game  
  • Examine your ability to focus and what distracts you
  • Identify your most likely errors and how to prevent them  
  • Measure your recovery time and how to give tools to improve it 

We will examine topics such as: 

  • Self-discipline confidence, competitive drive, dedication, coachability, communication style and performance under pressure and discuss how they impact your play and skill development.  

Ideal for: Players, parents or player representatives who have completed Mental Game Basics and want in depth analysis, mental game coaching and road map of specific steps to improve a player’s mental game and pace of development.