Mental Game Advanced

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Mental Game Advanced


Take your game to the next level. Complete our mental game assessment and receive your Profile Report and definitions, NHL benchmark data, comparison analysis and a 90 minute training and analysis session from a master’s level assessment coach. 

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You have always been one of the best.  You can finally see the top of the mountain but the competition seems to get tougher at every level.  Your physical skills are elite but somehow other players seem to outperform.  Looking for that edge to push you over the top?  Looking to take it up another notch?  

We want to help you take it to the next level. Take TAIS and receive your TAIS Profile Report and definitions, NHL benchmark data, TAIS comparison analysis, a more in-depth exploration of ACT, and a 90 minute training and analysis session from a master’s level TAIS coach. 


  • A detailed analysis of your mental game
  • Compare yourself to NHL players
  • Target your specific mental game development needs
  • Identify and overcome the mental game hurdles that have been limiting your development and holding you back

We will deliver:

  • Attention Control Training (ACT) customized to your mental game development needs and give you personalized “Mental Control Technique” designed to keep you calm, focused in the zone and performing at your best.  These proven techniques result in raising your play to a new level of effectiveness and consistency.

We will talk about:

  • Optimal states of performance, the zone: what it is and why you need to be in there, the monkey mind and what holds you out of the zone, how to recover more quickly, how to stay calm under pressure and how identify what you can and cannot control.

Specific topics include:

  • Attentional theory, multiple object tracking and vision, game speed processor, focus, distractibility, most likely error and prevention techniques, recovery analysis and techniques, self- discipline, confidence and control, compete level, communication optimization, coachability analysis and dedication profile.   

Ideal for: Draft eligible, drafted or professional players, and agents or coaches who want to unlock the untapped potential in a player’s game. This program is designed to give you deeper insight into the limiting factors in your development as a player such as your mind, thought processes and belief systems.