Getting in the Zone

At Satoruum, we have the privilege of playing a key role in the development of the mental game of some of the best up and coming goalies in hockey.  Our unique approach allows us to measure the individual attentional, emotional and cognitive style of each of our clients and compare it to our proprietary benchmark of elite goalies. This allows us to quickly identify the individual opportunities available to each client and develop a targeted mental game development plan. The results are often immediate and conspicuous.
We are currently working with an elite goalie in the CHL and have achieved significant results in a very short period of time.  In fact, the coaching staff noticed an immediate positive change in the player’s performance after a single session with a Satoruum coach.  After his next start, the goalie himself commented that he “made saves tonight that [he] would not have made last game”.
We observed that when the pressure mounted, our client displayed a tendency toward slow recovery time and difficulty bouncing back when events did not go to plan.  In short, he tended to get stuck in his head and had no tools or techniques at his disposal to help handle those pressure packed moments.
In the eight games following our initial training session, our client was able to drop his GAA by 24% and posted a .940 over that same time frame. His coaching staff and teammates have commented that “he looks like a different player”. 

A second client in the CHL had been struggling with a GAA approaching 5 and a save percentage hovering around 8.25.  In his next start after working with a Satoruum coach he posted his first career shut out!  In his second start he followed up with a one goal performance posting a 0.98 save percentage over the two starts.  

Seeing this progress, and knowing that many players can reach these realizations, are the exact reasons why we specialize in helping players and goalies identify individual opportunities to achieve enhanced performance. If you are interested in analyzing your own mental style, comparing yourself to the elite players in the game and unlocking your full potential we would be honored to hear from you.