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Mental Game Basics

Ideal for 13 to 18 year old amateur and aspiring hockey players.
Includes a TAIS assessment + emailed reports, definitions and analysis. 
Pinpoint your strengths and opportunities, improve your play, accelerate your development and get noticed.

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Mental Game Intermediate

Want more detail and analysis on your TAIS profile?  Serious about taking your game to the next level?  One hour analysis and training session with a masters level TAIS coach.
Must have completed Mental Game Basics.

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Mental Game Advanced

Take your game to the next level. Take TAIS and receive your TAIS Profile Report and definitions, NHL benchmark data, TAIS comparison analysis, a more in-depth exploration of ACT, and a 90 minute training and analysis session from a master’s level TAIS coach. 
Must have completed Mental Game Intermediate

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ACT In Action 1

This program is designed to provide immediate and actionable feedback to players who have completed the Mental Game Advanced training.  These sessions help solidify and perfect the techniques learned in Mental Game Advanced.
4 sessions: 1 hour each - $800     OR     8 sessions: 1 hour each - $1500


ACT in Action 2

For athletes who have completed ACT in Action 1 and wish to further develop their mental game with an experienced PhD in sports psychology. 
Sports Psychologist sessions: 3 months on demand   OR    6 months on demand


“Satoruum has provided our hockey club with data that has been an invaluable in helping the coaching staff better communicate with our players. This is a necessary tool to becoming a better coach. Today’s players are looking for positive reinforcement and more communication, and by using Satoruum analytics we are able to check off both of those boxes for our players. Positive results will come by using Satoruum and that’s exactly what developing the player is about. Thanks so much Andrew, and look forward to continuing to work together with our hockey club.”
— Canadian Hockey League Head Coach
“The information provided through Satoruum analytics has been invaluable in helping us to tailor our learning environment to the individual needs of our players. By pinpointing the individual strengths and weaknesses of each of our players, Satoruum has helped our coaching staff and management to provide quality guidance to our team members. We continue to work with Satoruum to positively impact additional areas of our organization. “
— Canadian Hockey League General Manager
“Satoruum’s innovative and unique approach to employee and player development has been a huge asset to our organization . They supply our executive team , coaching staff and players with information and training that allows us to tailor our development efforts to the unique requirements of the individual”
— Canadian Hockey League Franchise Owner