Consistently play Your Best No Matter What The Score

What makes the difference between a great goalie and an elite goalie?  The pressure is high, you’re in the spotlight and your mistakes are amplified. Elite goalies take it to the next level with mastery of the mental game. 

Gain a competitive edge, take your performance to the next level and get noticed by developing an elite mental game.

  • Complete your mental game profile tool
  • Compare your profile to elite goalies
  • Receive individualized feedback and training that empowers you to develop an elite mental game by learning from what the pros do

Hockey is at least 50% mental, so why is 100% of your training physical?

Elite goalies show common attributes that can be identified in TAIS profiles. Compare your mental game to the pros and learn how elite goalies:

  • Process the game mentally
  • Stay calm
  • Play instinctively
  • Stay out of your head
  • Track the puck
  • Tracks threats away from the puck
  • Recover from mistakes and scrambles
  • Accelerate skill development
  • Stay consistently at their best
  • Micromanage in-game thoughts and emotions
  • Get in the zone and stay there
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Understand what it takes to get to the next level
  • Pay attention to what matters most
  • Avoid distractions, stay calm, clear and focused
  • Control what they can and ignore the rest
  • Improve their game speed processor
  • Perform their best under pressure
  • Make plays they never thought possible
  • Be a better teammate
  • Be more coachable
  • Slow the game down


The following packages can be purchased directly online

Self Aware Goalie Training Course 2

Take your son or daughters game to the next level. Empower your athlete with Self Awareness, mind set and mental game skills designed for hockey goalies!

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ACT In Action Goalie 1


This program is designed to provide immediate and actionable feedback to goalies who have completed the Goalie Mental Game Advanced training.  The sessions help solidify and perfect the techniques learned in Mental Game Advanced.  
4 sessions: 1 hour each - $800   OR   8 sessions: 1 hour each - $1500


ACT in Action Goalie 2

For athletes who have completed ACT in Action Goalie 1 and wish to further develop their mental game with an experienced PhD in sports psychology.  
Sports Psychologist sessions:   3 months on demand   OR   6 months on demand. 



“As a coach, I am always trying to find reliable ways to help me learn more about the goalies I am coaching, or may be coaching. I want to know more about the skills that are non-physical. Specifically to learn about the goalie’s mental and emotional skills. These two areas are much harder to get real valuable information by just watching. The more I know, the more I can help. And that goes for every level of play!
I am very encouraged by the data provided by TAIS and Satoruum, and we are looking at increasing our use as we go forward.”
— Mitch Korn, Goaltender Coach, Washington Capitals
“Andrew was able to help me clear my mind and identify the important values where I should be directing my focus. He also helped me create a clean slate and put everything that happened before in the past”
— Canadian Hockey League Goalie
“Andrew allowed me to recognize how important the mental aspect of sport was to my overall game. The biggest thing I took from it was to just let things go and focus on what you can control.”
— Canadian Hockey League Goalie
“The introductory session gave me new tools to utilize during games to achieve a more consistent and clear approach as to how I can overcome in game obstacles. Andrew used a personalized presentation based on the way I process information to point out areas for improvement as well as to compare myself to other professional and junior goalies. Using the techniques outlined by Andrew my mental game became more rounded and ‘the zone’ has become easier to find on a regular basis. Thanks very much again for the session, I got a lot out of it.”
— Canadian Hockey League Goalie