Optimize performance and maximize stakeholder value

We build elite teams through premium executive placement, performance assessment and talent development solutions.  

What makes Satoruum's Search Offering different?

Our innovative, full service methodology is leading the way in the industry.  Our robust approach eliminates all risk from the hiring equation and is backed up by the industry’s best guarantee.

Mission Profiling

  • A successful placement is the result of a fit between the demands of your specific context and individual performance psychology
  • We work with you to identify the relevant tangible and intangible performance criteria predictive of success in your talent acquisition context
  • We use our advanced training in TAIS to inform and drive our unique pre-placement metholodogy

Premium Research

  • Our experienced research consultants know how and where to find premium talent
  • We seek out top performers who are busy doing a great job for another great company. No more job boards, no more active job seekers and no more settling for mediocrity
  • We identify premium top 20% talent in our search engagements so our clients can build a competitive advantage through talent acquisition

Premium Selection

  • We incorporate, yet look beyond, less predictive success criteria like resumes, reference checks and success or failure in other contexts
  • We use the latest research and TAIS to take the guess work and gut feel out of talent acquisition
  • We use the world’s only theory based, performance enhancement assessment tool
  • We look beyond less predictive criteria such as education, industry experience and reference checks

Premium onboarding

  • The research is clear that the first year is critical to engaging and retaining your new high performers
  • We partner your new employee with an accomplished executive coach to eliminate any remaining performance related risk from the talent acquisition equation

Industry’s best guarantee

  • We are so confident in our search methodology that we back it up with a one year guarantee 

Competitive Price

  • We offer much more value than the competition at the same price point

“The way we have always done it” approach to recruiting and hiring talent is not effective and it’s costing you time and money. 

Take a new approach

Hire and retain top talent with Satoruum by focusing on criteria that predicts success. 

Candidates Selection Services

We partner with human resource teams and hiring committees to provide an efficient and cost effective Candidate Assessment Service.  We supplement your existing recruiting process by providing an additional layer of screening that is predictive of a candidate’s probability of success in the mandate in question. Our clients think of this as an inexpensive insurance policy against a costly hiring mistake. 


Professional Coaching Services

With TAIS as the backbone we offer individuals a premium, one on one executive coaching experience.  Interested in learning more about our Professional Coaching Services?


Assessment Services and Keynote Engagements

We use TAIS as a diagnostic tool to help leaders and executive teams drill into and understand their performance dynamics. We combine our data and insights with the latest research in the field to deliver an engaging half or full day session. Each session is designed to empower your team to challenge the status quo and take action to capitalize on your opportunities. 

Testimonials - COACHING

“We use Satoruum’s executive search and coaching for recruiting and development of key leaders. We now hire talented coachable people and put them on a weekly one on one track. After working with Satoruum’s coaching services, we have a great set of tools for developing key high potentials.”
— Don Cooper - President, Innovator Industrial Services
“The coaching I received provided me with additional “tools” that I could use in dealing with the complexities of rapid organizational growth. The best measure of success for me is the applicability of techniques and approaches suggested which compliment my own skill sets and competencies acquired over my career. It was a great learning experience and further equipped me with knowledge to be a better leader and mentor.”
— Jeff Burry, Senior Director Youth Services, Bureau of Ottawa


Testimonials - RECRUITMENT

“Satoruum was engaged to recruit an individual for the number one finance position in our Canadian business. Andrew stressed the importance of assessing the right cultural and performance fit for our team. He was consultative, professional and his service delivery was efficient placing minimal demands on our time. We have far more information at our disposal and much more confidence in our hiring decision using Satoruum’s unique approach. I would highly recommend Satoruum as a 3rd party assessment and recruiting partner.”
— Mark Rankin, President & Managing Principal, Integro Insurance Brokers
“Over the last few years we have grown tremendously in the next generation premium video services space globally. We have successfully used TAIS and Satoruum as an important framework and partner in building our leadership team, both in strategic hiring as well as a shared framework for leadership development, operating model design, and target setting. Lately also as a tool to support cultural/behaviour integration efforts in a major M&A. I have extensive experience with multiple frameworks from my previous career, but I have found TAIS to be more explicit, balanced, and actionable.”
— Andre Christensen, Chief Operating Officer, Quickplay Media Former McKinsey Partner and SVP Operations and Strategy at Yahoo!